Many people visit Boruca village daily on their own.

It is very eye-opening to see what conditions the Borucans live and work in, pure simplicity, some houses still are thatched roof and a dirt floor and others more modern with metal roof and tiled floor.  The artists all work in the comfort of their home, working when the time appeals to them, not a 9 - 5 job.

Marina, who's house  mentioned on the "home" and "location" page, next to the Musuem with the Sphere, has a small co-op gift shop offering both masks and woven products, this is generally visited by people walking around and with prior notice she can do a farm fresh lunch and demonstrations of making yarn from cotton grown on site, yarn dyeing from natural sources such as leaves growing in her garden, seeds and bark and weaving on a back strap loom. 


Prior notice can be done either by phone calls or email, see that information at the bottom of the page.


Lunch is $10 a person, children under 5 no charge.

Demonstration by Marina $20 per group.

Demonstration of mask carving $20 per group, or the purchase of a mask from that particular artist.


Payment in colones or dollars is accepted, no credit cards.