Many people visit Boruca village daily on their own.

It is very eye-opening to see what conditions the Borucans live and work in, pure simplicity, some houses still are thatched roof and a dirt floor and others more modern with metal roof and tiled floor.  The artists all work in the comfort of their home, working when the time appeals to them, not a 9 - 5 job.

You will be visiting Marina, who's house  is between  the Museum (Museo) and the Community Center, she has a small co-op gift shop offering both masks and woven products, this is generally visited by people walking around and with prior notice, at least 1-2 days, she can do a farm fresh lunch and she offers 2 demonstrations. One demonstration is of making yarn from cotton grown on site, yarn dyeing from natural sources such as leaves growing in her garden, seeds and bark and weaving on a back strap loom. The other demonstration is mask carving and painting.  

You can participate in both demonstrations.

The demonstrations are in Spanish, very few speak English, mostly the ones at school during the day.  Do not let this intimidate you the demonstrations just watch as self explanatory, or you could use google translate for your questions.

The other option is to have Mark or Autuhm as guides, see below Guided Tours.


Prior notice can be done either by phone call, Whatsapp or email to Susan Atkinson, see that information at the bottom of the page.


Lunch is  6,000 colones a person, children under 5 no charge.

Demonstration of natural dyes and weaving is 18,000 colones per group of 1-4 people  or  30,000 colones 5+ people.

Demonstration of mask carving  18,000 colones per group of 1-4 people or 30,000 colones per group of 5+ people.

Participation of mask painting  6,000 colones for purchase of 6 inch unpainted mask for you to paint.


Payment in colones or dollars is accepted, however it is best in colone as change may not be available for dollar.  

No credit cards.

From Costa Ballena area it is a hour and half drive to Boruca.  You should plan to head out about 9AM to arrive by 11.  Have a hour demonstration, followed by lunch and then the second demonstration if you wish, or a visit to the museum. 



We are now able to provide a guide who can come with you in your car, directing you to the village , introduce you to the artist and translate what they are saying in regards to the demonstration. For a larger group needing more room you can follow behind the guides car for a additional fee.

Mark and Autuhm Muntean long time lovers of Costa Rica have finally made the big move to Costa Rica and are now full time residents, and they are eager to show you the the Borucan village and introduce you to a few of the fine artists.







Mark Muntean your guide, Susie Atkinson previous owner of Boruca Gallery gift shop, Helmut visitor from Switzerland and Autuhm Muntean also your guide on the way to Borucaland December 2023.

Pricing for Lunch, C6000 per person and each Demo C18,000 per group 1-4 or C30,000 group 5+

Guides Mark or Autuhm for the day generally 9am leaving Uvita area-3 pm returning to Uvita area.  This is generally for both demonstrations and lunch or for one demonstration, lunch and a short walk around the village or visit to the museum.  We can customize to meet your needs.


**Using your car riding with you $100, using 2 vehicles with you following $150.




Please contact Susan Atkinson to reserve your Self guided or Guided Tour.  For a guided  tour she will put you in direct contact with Mark and Autuhm.


Your guides have a limited knowledge of Spanish but learning more every day.  They can answer questions in regards to the demonstrations but not politics.